Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch

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Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch 

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Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch

According to now, allow spending a few time pouring through The Suunto Traverse. Also, it is a GPS-enabled smartwatch. Meanwhile lacking extensive customization choices. As well as a color show of Garmin’s Tactix Bravo, yet gives a broad sufficient array of the travel-related features. As well as the crazy-long battery life that adventurers want to create leaving their Apple Watch at home a tempting proposition.


  • Having quality engineering
  • And, relatively straightforward user interface
  • Also, just online interface
  • Having, decent battery life
  • Also, comprehensive functionality
  • And, suitable to wear


  • Then, a little bit of heavy
  • And, lightly complicated.

If you want to know about the Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch – All About You Need To Know then dive below!

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Overview Of Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch

Point One:

Now, one of the very essential things that fix the Traverse aside via the Tactix Bravo is its cost. Also, through online outlets such as Amazon. And, it will search for as small as $290. Now, that is yet a lot of money. So, it is a cost point in a similar neighborhood like an Apple Watch Series 1. As well as hundreds of dollars less than you will take to fork over to take your hands on a Garmin Tactix Bravo.

Point Two:

Such as you also belly-ached over in the past. Then, the Apple Watch is a great peripheral, giving you to take the capability to charge it a day today. Now, wander away via a power source to one for more than 24 hours. As well as you are hosed. Thus, not but via the Traverse. Meanwhile, also apply easily like a timepiece. Though, the watch’s internal battery will move for approximately 100 hours within charges. Obviously, this number can also drop drastically via the apply of the Traverse’s baked-in GPS/GLOSNASS hardware.

Point Three:

Thus, in the six months that you also apply the watch on & off. Then, it is never unsuccessful to provide us at least a lot of com[lete days of use. Also, when depending slowly on it like a navigation aid. Provide its price versus your preferred Garmin arm candy. And, an Apple Watch, we feel that this is very suitable.

Point Four:

About its own, the Traverse will give a broad type of valuable data to its user. Plus the time (duh,) lap counting for runners, compass bearings, GPS coordinates, & route tracking. Also, the capability to place navigational waypoints & readings via its built-in altimeter. As well as a barometer while your elevation gains. And, the barometer drops drastically, signaling that a storm probably is on the move.

Point Five:

So, such as through a few smartwatches. Even, the actual value of the Traverse is searching in its connectivity. By installing the open-source Suunto Movescount app to your iPhone. And, you will increase access to the capability to plot your route in-app. Then, view where you are exercised or trekked. As well as also view what areas nearby you are famous via other Suunto consumers. Now, it even shows your point count. As well as can track your movement while more activities. Like walking, trail running, mountain biking, & alpine skiing.

Point Six:

Now, while you are not working sweating for a good body and the latest outdoor experience. And, the Traverse will give you via phone & messaging notifications. Whether that is not sufficient for you. Now, the Traverse will even be paired to a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Fancy!

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Point Seven:

Anyhow, the Traverse is not what we also call a light device. Now, one look at how huge it is sitting on anyone’s wrist can speak you that it takes a few hefts. Thus, at 80 grams (approximately 0.18 pounds), it is not devastatingly heavy both. The maximum of its weight can also be attributed to its stainless steel situation. Then, heavy steel bezel, as well as thick mineral crystal lens. Thus, the materials give it via a rugged-feeling create quality. As well as make sure that the Traverse can remain waterproof below 100 meters.

Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch

Point Eight:

Whereas that is each of the good stuff. Right away allow to speaking relating the wrong one. Meanwhile, the Traverse is creating to be day light-viewable. As well as becomes with a backlight for apply at night. Now, we also search that its always-on show’s viewing angles are a lot of restricting. Without you are searching directly at the watch. Thus, you probably not be capable to see it, no matter what the lighting situations are. When this is a problem that Apple Watch owners can also be common with. Then, it is not anything that the Tactix Bravo aches from.

Point Nine:

Though, we even search that, relating to the Apple watch. And, the Tactix Bravo, the Traverse’s tab manage the scheme and the on-screen user interface is frustrating to apply. Applying the five tabs on the traverse to take around its UI is far from intuitive. Also, later wearing it on & off for months. Then, we yet search myself flummoxed by it. Providing that we are a nerd paid to play via hardware on a complete-time basis. Although, you will just imagine this problem must be compounded for daily people searching to apply the watch.

Point Ten:

Eventually, the Traverse easy is not as adaptable as both the Tactix Bravo & the Apple Watch are. Therefore, having no adding applications. Also, the latest watch faces & color customization with it. Then, what you view is what you get. That stated, what you take with the Traverse works quite fine. Only familiar with that whether such as being capable to tweak your gear. Now, it probably not be an outdoor watch for you. Thus, for the cost, it will be difficult hit to search for a better watch to support you to search your way. As well as record your adventures in the great outdoors.

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Features Of Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch


Though the digital compass displays the direction in degrees & mils. As well as it even grants you to lock the bearing for simpler navigation. Now, the north indicator is displaying each of the times while the watch is in the compass mode.

Barometer & Altimeter

Anyhow, the watch automatically switches within the altimeter & barometer mode. Meanwhile, it identifies an altitude modification it switches with the altimeter. As well as while the watch is yet it switches to the barometer. Now, the barometer mode appears sea level pressure. Also, a sea-level pressure recording graph such as for the past 26 hours. Plus the watch displays a weather trend indicator. Now, the most current modifications in the pressure support you to predict the weather. According to the case of a sudden pressure drop, the watch can even warn you with an alarm such as the storm alarm feature.

Now, the altimeter will display barometric altitude. Also, GPS altitude and so-called fused altitude. Now, connecting GPS as well as barometric altitude. Plus, it will log altitude modifies depends on barometric altitude. As well as now display altitude graph.

GPS Tracking & Navigation

Whereas this is the first watch via Suunto that in addition to GPS even helps GLONASS. Also, a Russian edition of GPS. Then, the recent software can not grant GLONASS to perform. Thus, an upgrade can also become shorter as mentioned by Suunto. And, the GLONASS functionality must drastically improve the GPS efficiency. Also, reduce the time need to take a satellite resolve. So, the watch grants you to set three various GPS intervals that influence the battery life. And, you will extend the battery life by setting a longer GPS interval.

Thus, this will obviously outcome in less precise tracking. Now, the watch even helps many coordinate systems. Like UTM, MGRS, WGS84. But, creating it simple for you to navigate via unknown terrain to the support of whichever map you take.


Plus, the watch helps waypoint as well as visual route navigation. Now, waypoints will be entered directly on the watch. And, via the Movescount app on a PC. Although, Routes will just be planned in the Movescount application. As well as now synchronized via the watch. Moreover, the watch takes the trackback as well as searches back features. Also, the find back feature tells you the direction to the initiating point when the trackback features generate. And, you a visual route return to the starting point. Now, we search both features very helpful on your Suunto Ambit 2 device when hiking & mountaineering.

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So, the Suunto Traverse is equipped with a Bluetooth adapter. And, this is a high feature because it grants you to connect a lot of devices to it. Now, the watch will also be linked with an Android & iOS Smartphone. Such as Suunto App is wanted. As well as so you will get the notifications from your Smartphone directly to your watch. Now, you will even apply a Smartphone as a secondary show of the watch. Furthermore, a Bluetooth heart rate belt will also be connected to the watch.

Unluckily the Suunto Traverse can not help bike and cadence POD which must otherwise be simply connected to the watch through Bluetooth. So, it looks that there the Suunto brought a distinction within the Ambit & Traverse series. Now, Ambit is aimed towards athletes when the Traverse is aimed towards recreational outdoorsmen.

Sport Features

Now, the Suunto Traverse grants you to configure five various sport modes that will also show. Each of the important data while a workout. Also, heart rate, speed, ascent, pace as well as many more. According to the Movescount application, you will even view an in-depth analysis via GPS tracking. Later, the exercises the watch first takes to be synchronized via the Movescount app. And, then through a USB wire & Bluetooth.

Plus, the watch grants you to download up to three applications per sport mode. Now, you will make the applications yourself. And, take them to the Movescount App Zone. Then, they grant you to get extra information while and later the workout. So, you must imagine that a lot of hikers can be in doubt. If to purchase the Suunto Traverse and Suunto Ambit 3. Then, you can also explain the main differences within the watches.


Although, the Suunto Ambit 3 is good for the analysis for athletes. When the Suunto Traverse is aimed towards recreational outdoorsmen that can even apply the watch for everyday activities. Now, the first difference you can observe is that the Traverse does not take an external GPS antenna. As well as therefore looks very better. So, it is even a little bit lighter than the Suunto Ambit 3. And, the Suunto Traverse weighs 80 grams when the Suunto Ambit weighs 96 grams. Now, the Traverse watch even features vibration notifications. Also, the point counter & flashlight backlight mode that is the Ambit 3 lacks.

On the other hand the Ambit 3 suggestions well connectivity. As well as more sports modes. Now, the Suunto Ambit helps outside Bluetooth PODs, multisport mode, swimming mode. As well as modern training testing like activity depends on recovery time. Right away, activity monitoring, sleep recovery test as well as some more– each of that the Traverse lacks.

Easy To Use?

Step One:

If already you have worked out how to turn the thing on. And, the Traverse takes a logically straightforward consumer interface. Thus, that applies five tabs to choose a lot of functions & screen choices. Now, you also stop to call it ‘intuitive’, so with testing, it is not very wrong.

Step Two:

At an actually basic level. Also, select to record a track. And, that is what plenty of GPS watches are really used for in the actual world. Also, it is simple sufficient with only two tab presses. Further modern stuff entails cycling via various menus, so it is not insanely hard.

Step Three:

Also, what does it do? Properties. You will record tracks, proceed with compass bearings. And, apply Suunto’s online Movescount site and smart devices applications to plan. As well s upload GPS routes that you will now proceed on the ground applying a combination of the pointer. As well as sighting lines, that point with the further waypoint on your route.

Step Four:

So, it works well, so such as with Garmin’s Fenix models. Also, the functionality of the breadcrumb-type maps is quite limited. As well as not a patch on some type of full-on GPS unit via topographical mapping download. Now, it means it is quite simple to easily bumble with without some real reference. Now, to the terrain, you are in unless you are able to apply a paper map at a similar time.

Step Five:

Whether you do need to do that. Now, you will choose BNG. Now,  British National Grid such as the base system. And, that it provides you a grid reference for your position. Thus, it is an invaluable way of doing that whteher that is each of you needs the watch for.

Luxury Functions

That is only scratching the surface though. Now, you will even apply the watch via a heart rate monitor. Whether that’s your thing, you will see elevation charts. Now, apply the watch as a stopwatch and count-down timer. Also, to tell the time even.

As well as now there is the barometric altimeter. And, that is not only told you your recent elevation. So, even grant a graphical weather outlook. Now, entertainingly this adds a potentially helpful ‘Storm Warning’ function. So, that the watch beeps manically while the pressure drops suddenly. Now, it occurs three times to us. As well as each time, a few 30 minutes after, the skies opened.

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So, you will even tweak the settings for all these. Now, modify the GPS sampling rates. And, which improves the more than adequate battery life. So, select to apply a combination of barometric. As well as GPS altitude readings and so on.

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Point One:

Even though, the simplest method to do all this. As well as analyze for software upgrades and so on. Now, it is to connect to Suunto’s Movescount website. And, the name provides the clue that it is conceived. Now, we believe, like an activity tracker type thing. Thus, you will even apply it to install. As well as view your activities, export GPS files to different applications such as. For instnace, Strava & also plan the latest routes applying a suitable straightforward online map-based planner. Now, you will import external GPX files

Point Two:

Mechanically, it is only a query of plugging in a USB wire with a clamp located on four contacts. Also, on the back of the watch. That is even how you charge it up. Whereas in the field you will apply a backup power pack and solar charger if required.

Point Three:

Now, none of it is very as simple as only dragging & dropping files onto an icon. So, it is not as tedious as a few online interfaces. Now, we also encountered as well as mapping. As well as diagrams are nicely sufficient to see at.

Point Four:

Then, GPS units are, in a few methods, a little such as modern word processing programs. And, you will apply them at a really basic level. Also, delve into the modern functionality as well as take it to do even more. Now, the good thing relating to the Traverse is that it functions at either level.

Point Five:

Anyhow, you wil apply it as quite an easy track recording device. As well as to establish your position as you go. And, you will push things more & take modern of more modern navigational choices. Now, route proceeding, elevation fixes, and the like.

Point Six:

At its maximum basic you will search your grid position. As well as altitude quickly & easily. Also if it is about to storm down on you, the watch will beep such as a mad thing. And, you will go, geek, & delve into its deeper functionality.

Point Seven:

Although what we will say is that the Suunto looks to be robustly put together. Now, we had no issues. For example, with misting up. As well as suitable sufficient to wear unobtrusively in spite of its relative size. Now, it is even fairly straightforward to apply later a bit practice. As well as the linking software works well enough in our testing.

Point Eight:

And, what it will not quite do is replace a full-on GPS unit via built-in mapping. So, on the additional side, that is far speedier to approach. As well as leaves your hands-free. Now, that said, we will not be wearing it on a sustained rock climb because of its bulk on the wrist.

Point Nine:

Postscript. Such as later testing the Traverse, we need back. As well as apply a first-generation Fenix again. Also, we think it’s fair to inform you that the Suunto is all-around more intuitive & simpler to apply.


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. Also, we will try to lead you to furthermore the Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch – All About You Need To Know coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article Suunto Traverse GPS Trekking Watch – All About You Need To Know. Let us know in the comment section below.

Till then Peace Out!

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