Snapchat Conversation Settings

Snapchat Conversation Settings: Snapchat is an interesting app that cheers up you to snap and chat without any tension that the texts or data will remain on the servers forever. That is why if you notice that all the conversations vanishes after you view them. Also, still, you miss out or don’t use it then keep in mind Snapchat is a built-in-app on the whole idea. And, the text will delete from your inbox if you don’t see it in a time limit. If you are still out of this loop and your all friends talking about in that inbox. It is because of one view policy or the time limit frame. Snapchat is going to change somethings with chat messages. Now, Snapchat provides the option of users to allow the messages for a one-time view limit or to allow the message can view various times for 24 hours.

However, it provides ways to change when your chat disappears. They also provide ways if you want to save the important chat.

From this article, you can learn how to change the chat expiration time. Also, how to save a Snapchat text.

How to Expire Chats On Snapchat:

Snapchat Conversation Settings

Snapchat provides a new feature for both iOS and Android. So, it is about for the private chat texts that are interchangeable between users. Also, from this feature, you can allow a one-person for a one-time view chat or for the other friends you can change the feature for after viewing 24 hours feature use. It depends on your choice.

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Step 1:

Firstly, open the Snapchat

Step 2:

Now, click on the chat tab at the bottom left of your screen.

Step 3:

Then, choose a chat from the list of conversations or start a new chat with your friends.

Step 4:

Now, click on the hamburger folder at the front left and on the chat settings screen.

Step 5:

After that, click on the Remove Chats option.

24 Hours After Viewing Option:

Thus the two options will appear on the screen. After Viewing, and 24 hours after viewing. As if you want, the expiry for all chats is set to After Viewing or the 24-hour option changes automatically as an instruction.

Although the period of 24-hour viewing for a chat starts after when you will view it. Also, you can delete your chat after view it. And, it is not as like when you post your stories. So, when you post anything on your story it will disappear after 24 hours it does not matter who’s seen the story or not. And, with your chat texts, and unread chat will not matter or start the 24-hour countdown. But, if you read your pending texts then the countdown will start.

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The single out of time texts which means every text which you are sending within a chat box will have its own expiry time which belongs on when it will first be seen. Therefore, if you sent a text at 7 in the morning and another message at 7 in the evening then you must think they will viewing after sending the text. And, they will have different expiry times. Also, if both texts will view at the same time, they will have the same expiry time. Maybe, they have a few seconds’ difference. Keep in mind, if you change the expiry time then the on another side contact will receive a notification in the chatbox.


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you or resolve the problems that you are facing on how to Snapchat conversation settings. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue and want to share some tricks with you that you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any idea or feedback do share with us or if you have any queries related to our article Snapchat Conversation Settings – Change Expire Messages let us know in a comment section below.

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