Altec Lansing True Evo

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Altec Lansing True Evo

So, the Altec Lansing name has been nearby for decades. Overhead the years, the brand’s fortunes take to spread & fallen as its owners. Now, take fought to search are the organization’s audio gear fits. So, between a couple of organizations jockeying for the attention of audio aficionados. Through the past some years. Now, Altec Lansing takes settled into a reputation for creating competence. And, mid-ranged earphones, headsets, & speakers that suggest reasonable sound for a reasonable cost.

Altec Lansing True Evo

Accessible for around $100, its True Evo Wireless Earphones show to be well-suited. Also, to support the organization hold on to take on this reputation. Now, they appear by an IPX6 water resistance rating. So, a respectable four hours of runtime within charges. As well as foam ear cushions that normally mean richer bass. As well as better noise isolation. Meanwhile, later spending a week via these earbuds, you will tell that. When they do indeed suggests a reasonable audio testing for the cost. Also, the number of dramatic build quality problems has left us with a bad taste in our mouth.

So, Let’s Have A Look!

Also, truly wireless headphones such as individual earpieces that are not linking by a wire. They are a growing category, as well as such as all the latest tech. Now, you are paying a premium to be with the first to take in on the action. Thus, At $99.99, Altec Lansing’s True Evo headphones are more reasonable than most of the true wireless choices you also analyze. Whereas the feature an easy, water-resistant design via a secure in-ear fit. As well as a plethora of additional ear tips. Thus, they even come via a unique charging case that is suitable with wireless Qi charging bases. According to the terms of audio performance. Also, they deliver super-boosted bass answers that can appeal to low-end lovers. On-ear control choices are restricting, Thus, ultimately the earphones deliver respectable work for their relatively suitable cost.

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  • So, they did not catch on fire when in my ears
  • Also, relatively reasonable.
  • Thus, powerful audio testing with boosted bass & sculpted highs.
  • Then, ships with many ear tip choices.
  • And, the case is fitted with Qi wireless charging bases.


  • Having, terrible build quality
  • Also, medicore audio quality
  • And, long, poorly designed battery case
  • So, a mega-bass response not for everyone.
  • Also, lacks a few basic controls such as volume & track navigation.

Design & Quality

Point One:

Therefore, it is not frequently that you take to initiate a review by warning of quality control problems. As well as shoddy workmanship, so here we are. According to the series to write this review, we also forced to call in two various pairs of the True Evo. Besides the initial pair, we did not observe anything bad at first. So, we set them up in their charging case to juice up overnight. Aso, in the morning, we go to apply them & discovered, upon initiating the case. Then, that the plastic in the left earbud’s ear cap is cracked each of the ways via. Also, we are capable to delete the plastic rim of the ear cap via our finger.

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Point Two:

In & of its own, this is not created for alarm. Such as that mass produced products are involved. Also, it is unfortunate, so not uncommon. And, to execute across a defect. Then, that is what warranties are for. Now, what is creating matter the fact that the more earbud’s? Although, the end cap is not well-glued to the rest of the earbud. Now, it is capable to flick it away via my thumb, showing the electronics inside. And, it is informing Altec Lansing of the problems we were facing.

Point Three:

Then, on some days, the latest set of True Evo appearing up at my front door. At the front, the replacement headphones show to be running fine. Meanwhile, the default foam ear tips are not a great fit. Such as we modify them out, the similar part of plastic that we also search unglued. And on the first set of True Evo broke away via the earbud also.

Altec Lansing True Evo

Point Four:

Now, True Evo’s charging case even takes its issues. Also, not so much in the area of creating quality like in its style. And, It is huge. From lid to the base, it is about the similar width as a Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese. Now, you will not be capable to stick it in the hip pocket of your jeans on your way out the door. Whether you stash it in your jacket pocket, that is such as all. There is moving to be room for. Now, you can never have to worry about losing it in the bottoms of your purse or a backpack.

Point Five:

Though, a lot of this is because of the fact that the case shows Qi wireless charging abilities. Such as a lot of folks do not own a wireless charging base to have benefits of this. Also, Altec Lansing adds a wireless charging base to take you to initiate. Thus, the charging system runs as advertised. So, the Qi hardware underside of it adds unwanted a lot of something that is meant to be portable. Then, that the case will even be charged. Through microUSB creates the addition of wireless charging feel that are a lot more unluckily.

Point Six:

And, in its advertising, Altec Lansing states that the charging base is worth $25. Whether the company chooses to sell the True Evo at $75 rather than $100, sans a charging base. Now, you also feel that these earbuds must be a lot simpler to suggest. Also, you familiar with, whether they are not falling apart & everything.

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Sound Quality Of Altec Lansing True Evo

In spite of this the fact that either set of headphones. Also, you are shipped literally spread aside in your hands. Then, you are capable to gingerly reassemble the second pair as well as provide them a listen.

Anyhow, the True Evo provided us with ample bass tones. Now, weathering the tsunami low-frequency madness that Lustmord’s Dark Matter collection threw at them such as a champ. High & mid-frequency sound did not fair so great, although. And, the hi-hat work in Louis Prima’s “Lazy River” is shrill. So, walking across the sound of Prima’s horn part. Anyhow, we came across these same problems when hearing about our dedicated playlist. As well as tunes I am familiar with personally. Like as The Pogues’ “Sick Bed of Cuchulainn” & Gord Downies’s “Pascal Submarine.”

From this time last year. So, you even have told you that sound quality of this kind was what you, must expect via a couple of true wireless headphones accessible for $100. In 2019. And, this is not the case. Such as over the before some months. And, we take to run across a lot of truly wireless earbuds that sound only as good. As well as in a few cases better, for as little as $50.

Performance Of Altec Lansing True Evo

Point One:

From tracks via intense sub-bass content, such as The Knife’s “Silent Shout,”. Also, the earphones deliver a few serious thunders. At the front, unwise listening levels, there is no distortion. As well as at moderate volumes, the bass depth is calm quite intense. Now, this is definitely a lot that can appeal to bass lovers. Particularly when worn via the foam ear tips, which improve the low-end even more.

Point Two:

Anyhow, Bill Callahan’s “Drover,” a track via far less deep bass in the mix. Also, sounds such as it have intense thunder via the True Evo’s drivers. And, the drums sound bass-heavy & big. As well as Callahan’s vocals are rich in the low-mids. So, take a few good include clarity in the high-mids & highs. Now, the acoustic guitar even advantage via a few sculpting in the high mids. Then, this is a somewhat balanced sound signature that leans move to the lows. Besides a few sculpted high-mids to take things crisp.

Altec Lansing True Evo

Point Three:

From Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “No Church in the Wild,” the kick drum loop dies not to take quite the high-mid nearness. And, we are applying to hear. So, its attack sounds slightly less edgy & sharp. Thus, yet take a few good punches to it. Now, the drum loop has a few additional bass thumps. Although, the sub-bass synth hits that punctuate the beat are delivered via serious gusto. And, it is a bass-forward sound that can scare off someone learning an accurate mix. Though, can also appeal to those seeing a few added thump for their workouts.

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Point Four:

And, Orchestral tracks, such as the initiating scene from John Adams’ The Gospel According to the Other Mary. Now, sound borderline funny via the True Evo. Besides a boosted bass response that pushes the lower register instrumentation to unnatural levels. Then, the crispness of the higher register brass, strings, & vocals is yet there. So, it is met by a few low-frequency boosts that are seldom this intense on tracks of this nature. And, you must suggest applying the silicone ear tips. Now, at the very least, whether you plan to hear orchestral or jazz music on these. Then, that must dial the bass presence back slightly. Although it will yet be powerful.

Battery Life Of Altec Lansing True Evo

And, battery life is unimpressive as wel as par for the course. Now, at roughly four hours on a complete charge. Then, the charging case keeps an extra 16 hours or so. But, is the first Qi-compatible case you also view in this category. Although, you will charge it through the added wire. Now, by easy placing it on top of a Qi wireless charging base. Although you will require to provide your own.

Now, the mic suggests better-than-average intelligibility. Applying the Voice Memos application on an iPhone 6s. Also, you must know all words you save. Unless much in the method of fuzzy audio artifacts. So, such as nearly each of the true wireless pairs we also tested. Though, the audio is in one ear just while calls.


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. Also, we will try to lead you to furthermore the Review On Altec Lansing True Evo: Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Earbuds coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article Review On Altec Lansing True Evo: Waterproof Bluetooth Sports Earbuds. Let us know in the comment section below.

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