RapidWeaver Review

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RapidWeaver Review

So, Realmac Software’s RapidWeaver is a WYSIWYG what you see is what you get a website development app. Also, it is designed to do the maximum of the heavy lifting for you. Now, its simple-to-modify templates create a snap to make an advanced, custom website design via the comfort of a user interface. So, that feels such as one that came straight out of Cupertino.

RapidWeaver Review

However, WYSIWYG web applications are not as novel as they already were online services. Such as Wix suggests doing a similar thing for an open-source and dirt cheap. Frequently bundled via bargain-priced web hosting. As well as to be fair. Also, the latest edition of RapidWeaver will take you just but far on its own. Now, that is the reason Realmac proceeds to foster a community chock complete of add-ons adding themes, plugins. As well as stacks that consumers can buy to accomplish more modern chores the host software alone can not manage.


  • Having, Device simulator for iPhone, iPad, Mac previews
  • Also, direct integration via Unsplash royalty-free stock photo library
  • And, windows, panels right away stay in place overall projects


  • Whereas saved window state uses universally, not by project
  • And, edit mode still lacks WYSIWYG
  • Also, dependency on paid third-party addons such as Stacks for modern features

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Anyhow, RapidWeaver is web development. As well as a design app for Mac that is developing by Realmac Software. Now, it grants you to build stunning, professional websites very simple. So, RapidWeaver has either the novice as well as professional web designer covered. Whether you do not familiar with or do not need to know how to code. Then, RapidWeaver helps the complete the code-free making of your website. And, through blogs to site maps. Although, from photo albums to contact forms. And, you will build your entire website unless an individual line of code!

Unless a doubt, RapidWeaver requests an aspiring novice web designer. Meanwhile, it can not forget to relate to the geeky, code-loving, power consumers. As well as in case you are wondering. So, that adds us! RapidWeaver provides us, geeks, complete access to peek inside the hood. You will effortlessly include your own HTML & PHP file to some site. Now, you will customize the look & feel besides your own CSS file. For instnace, probably you must such as to include your own JavaScript for the latest. As well as the greatest animations out there. Now, not an issue, RapidWeaver also got you covered.

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Though, we also take complete access to the unusual WebKit Developer Tools directly inside the app. As RapidWeaver takes each of these modern features. So, it actually catalyzes to support an aspiring, novice web designer to become a geeky, code-loving, power consumption.


Although, RapidWeaver’s theme engine is a benefit for those consumers that are making to challenge. Meanwhile, it is even for those that do not need to spend time developing a site theme. Also, such as they will leverage the work that a few astounding theme developers take once to complete. Alright, this adds us also! RapidWeaver ships via over 45 stunning themes built-in. And, it means that you will make a website that is creating by a few world-class web designers. Now, all themes will be customized to your liking besides only some taps. Whether you ever take too tired of how your website seems like. Now, you will modify your theme as frequently as you want. As well as your website content can also remain 100 percent intact

RapidWeaver Review: Setup

Even though, set up is relatively easy. As well as take a few enhancements over before additions. And, being simpler as well as more straightforward. Now, you will try out the software by installing the trial edition of Rapidweaver. As well as now purchase the complete edition via the Rapidweaver website & the Apple App Store.

RapidWeaver Review

RapidWeaver Review: Design

Though, designing a website through Rapidweaver provides you the best of both worlds. Also, apply the preset templates & customize them with code. Whether you need to move down the speedy as well as simple route. Then, take a theme as well as a type of page. Such as a contact page, blog entry, and many more. Also, include your message as well as photos. Therefore, having eleven-page types add to the package & more than 45 pre-designed themes. Now, six themes are the latest for edition 8 of Rapidweaver.

Anyhow, the themes are constructed via CSS that is nice news for designers. And, such as it creates it easy to customize. Now, you will include the code directly within the page. Then, which does create it simpler to integrate video & add-ons into your site.

Now, the code generated via the Rapidweaver software meets web standards. As well as works via famous browsers. Now, the navigation menu is generated automatically. As well as like a bonus, Rapidweaver holds a watch over the links. Also, updates them as you move between pages. Then, you will drag & drop pages in the sidebar in order to reorder the site & the navigation menu.

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RapidWeaver Review: Features

Whereas you probably and probably not such as this approach. So, besides the Rapidweaver whether you need extras on your website. Now, you take to include them from third-party suppliers. Also, the plus side is the number of applications accessible from comments to banner advertising. Also, from forms to stores and the bad news is you take to pay for most of them.

Anyhow, you will include posts as well as image galleries by selecting the blog. And, gallery page type as well as inputting your message & data. A few consumers search the galleries hard to control. As well as the blog functionality is no better & worse than what open-source blog sites give.

Now, one enhancement Rapidweaver suggests over before editions are the addition of an FTP bookmark manager. Also, the idea is you do not want to find around for before published media files & PDFs. Now, you can store them in the manager. But, you will start them simply while you want them again.

RapidWeaver Review: New Device Simulator

Hence, RapidWeaver 8 plugs up some holes in the app’s feature arsenal. Now, igniting with a device simulator to preview how sites must look on ten various iPhone, iPad, & Mac models. Also, in portrait & landscape mode, each in real-time as modifies is being made. Then, the simulator is not as comprehensive as the one in Adobe Dreamweaver. So, there is a choice that grants designers to drag windows to the desired size. As well as store those custom dimensions as more devices. Now, you will also place various layouts side by side on the display. As well as RW8 will remember them further time a project is opened.

Anyhow, the simulator is not the just area of the app where you will restore the before window state. Now, this feature works across each of the open windows. But, your preferred layout uses for every future project. And, that is until you modify it again. Now, this is a solid point in the right direction as well as welcome addition to make sure. So, you will also love to take the capability to store window states on a project by project basis. Instead, like an individual universal setting.

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RapidWeaver Review: Socially Improved

Now, RapidWeaver 8 suggests the five latest built-in themes. Also, bringing the total number to 61. By analyzing Generate Social Tags inside the Settings, Also, tap on the General in the sidebar. And, web designers will now confirm compete meta tags are written for both Twitter cards also Open Graph. Then, this functionality even extends to separate blog posts by changing the Social Tags part for each entry.

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RapidWeaver Review

Even though, different with royalty-free stock image service Unsplash prior to upgrading. Then, the latest integration in RW8 takes to create us a user. Plus, to importing photos from your Photos library & other resources. And, consumers will now easily choose the service from sources. Then, type in a search query now drags the wantable content within your project. Therefore, having no account and signup necessary As well as photos are stylish & high-quality. So, you will even go to see the author’s page. And, include images to your resources for later application right from the contextual menu.


Moreover, an optional convenient feature is the web icon generator. Now, that grants consumers to drag & drop a single PNG graphic. Also, produce each of the necessary size variations in an individual tap. Thus, the just exception is a Safari pinned button. Even though, which needs an SVG image, also selecting the desired theme color. Now, it is an extra step. So, far more streamlined than via before releases.

According to all of its a lot of benefits. Also, RapidWeaver 8 does not address some longstanding criticisms. However, the latest simulator reduces a few of the sufferings. Now, edit mode yet is not WYSIWYG. And, need a lot of hopping into preview mode to view the outcomes. Even, Realmac relies too much on third-party addons such as  Stacks ($50). But, users wind up paying more for modern features.


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. We will also try to lead you to the RapidWeaver Review: All About You Need To Know coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article RapidWeaver Review: All About You Need To Know. Let us know in the comment section below.

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