Pokémon GO: all news for the month of June

UPDATE | 03/18 – Due to the spread of the coronavirus, Pokémon GO has been forced to cancel raid hours until further notice. At the moment it is unknown how long this measure will be maintained, but from Niantic they invite users to follow their social networks to stay up to date on any related information. 

Despite being a game designed for users to take to the streets. At this moment Pokémon GO has a large number of celebrations ahead. Such as the expected Season 1 of the GO Fighting League . Niantic’s flagship work is pending on what is happening in the world. And they are aware that coronavirus, the deadly epidemic that has forced many countries to start a quarantine. It will be an impediment for players to enjoy the title. However, the company has had an idea, and that is that Pokémon GO has activated the quarantine mode. And has announced special measures so that you can play without leaving home . Here we are going to discuss that Pokémon GO activates quarantine mode. Its a good to spent time at home with Pokemon games and enjoy quarantine mode.

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The team responsible for Pokémon GO has announced a series of measures so that users can play from home. In the official statement that also served at the time to communicate that the March Community Day starring Abra was canceled . In the same way, through social networks Niantic has also wanted to share this announcement along with the following message: “The security of our global community of players is our top priority. COVID-19 challenges us and the world to adapt. We are focusing on expanding the features and experiences in our games that can be enjoyed in an individual setting and that also encourage exploration! ”

That means players will be able to walk around your house and, perhaps, around your yard, to enjoy the game. Also, the real benefit to players is the changes that Niantic is implementing for specific in-game items. Offering a good opportunity to save money and get useful items in Niantic’s work. For example, the single purchase lot of 30 units of Incense for 1 Pokécurrency (which means a discount of 99%) and that the Incense itself will last one hour .

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Pokémon GO activates quarantine mode for players to enjoy the title from their own home

The safety of our global player community is our top priority. COVID-19 is challenging us and the world to adjust. We’re putting our focus on expanding features and experiences in our games. That can be enjoyed in an individual setting and that also encourage exploration!

The team responsible for Pokémon GO has also confirmed that it will now only take half the distance to hatch by putting Eggs in incubators. That Poképarads will give gifts more frequently. And that Pokémon habitats will increase. And more wild Pokémon will appear. Of course, for the moment Niantic has not confirmed how long this series of changes will last. Which will remain in effect until further notice.

Therefore, trainers will be able to enjoy the augmented reality title. Based on the successful Nintendo franchise in their own homes during the quarantine. At least for the next two weeks . Some measures with which Pokémon GO encourages players to prioritize their health and that of their community. Which continues to grow over the days.

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