Hey! do you want to know PlexConnect: How To Install Apple TV With Jailbreak-free PlexConnect in a simple way? Also, if you are facing some problems with it, and a little bit confused? Okay! You don’t need to worry. Because we are here to sort out the issues complete guide on this. Also, if you want some help. Then, you are in the right place. Because this article is for you. Also, here we come to answer your confusion. So, keep reading and don’t be confuse now and onwards.


So, Plex is a program that executes on a lot of devices. As well as operating systems that grats for video sharing. Now, the app streams video content throughout various devices. Later you fix up Plex on your PC. As well as link with it to your media library. Now, you will reach your videos, music, & images somewhere. And, Plex plays content on local network systems. Then, adding smart TV boxes such as the Apple TV. Although, Plex runs well on the fourth generation of Apple TV. Yet, besides a little work, you will take Plex to go on a third-generation Apple TV.


Meanwhile, Apple probably throws the Apple TV like the mid of your streaming video world. Now, you are familiar with having no point. So, such as home while it appears to high-quality content. Then, allow to take a look at how to get your broad home media server choice with Plex.

If you are speaking about Apple TV, Chromecast, & Roku boxes. Then, the large thing these days is on-demand streaming content. Meanwhile, that is all good & well. So, you will want Netflix & Hulu as much as the further cord-cutter having still anything to inform for applying local media. And, TV shows, movies, & music stored on your local network place less interest on your internet connection. Now, normally suggest higher quality, as well as they, run also while the internet is out.

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Apple TV With Jailbreak-free PlexConnect

Point One:

So, PlexConnect is a smart project. Such as an open-source command-line tool. And, that allows you to see content through your Plex Media Server on your Apple TV. Unless jailbreaking Apple’s set-top box. And, that scratches an itch for you. Although you can manage a Mac mini media center. Now, the Apple TV executes speedier & cooler. As well as normally only works. So, on the rare chance, it does not, you do not take to fumble nearby for a mouse. As well as a keyboard to troubleshoot it.

Point Two:

Be careful if you are Terminal-shy. Now, PlexConnect’s maybe not for you. Meanwhile, it does not need plenty of command-line expertise. Then, those that take never ventured within that territory probably search it a hassle. Therefore, having ideas to at a few periods package the software within a friendlier Mac application. Now, it is a section of an aggressive road map. Thus, right away, it is going command-line & go home.

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Point Three:

Also, PlexConnect can do its magic by executing two-bit servers on one of your local Macs. Such as a Web server as well as a Domain Name System (DNS) server. Although, it is the latter that manages the magical section. Now, you configure your Apple TV to see towards this Mac for its DNS server. As well as PlexConnect intercepts claim for the URL. As well as redirect them to its Web server, which gives a custom edition of the Plex interface reminiscent of more Apple TV applications. Such as Netflix & Hulu. Like DNS claims to more addresses. When it must pass via to your actual DNS server. Although, managing the rest of your Apple TV’s actual operation.

Point Four:

Among your Apple TV, you will search & find your Plex content via your remote. Such as you must some more Apple TV functions. Now, a few contents are not recently accessible. Like images via Aperture & iPhoto. As well as having errors here & there. So, PlexConnect suggests just some configuration choices on your Apple TV. Then, you will select if you view your sequence of movies, TV shows, & TV seasons in the queue & grid format. Also, tweak a few transcoding preferences for video quality & subtitle size, besides a few more technical choices.


Point Five:

In other situations, it is nothing short of excellent. So, maybe in your analysis setting up the software. And, you can execute into some minor problems. Now, the clearest is that executing PlexConnect can hijack your Trailers application. But, whether you need to see movie previews via Apple’s site. Then, you will also want to both turn-off PlexConnect and search for another fix.

Point Six:

And, one restriction of the PlexConnect software it’s own is that it does not still completely help third-party video. As well as audio channels on the Apple TV. Now, the project’s FAQ notes that a few channels, however, do to go. And, you go through many & search just a lot of that really allow to playback media. Plus, Funny & Die also PBS. Then, the remaining you tried recently unsuccessful via a lot of bugs previously you will take to the actual video.

Point Seven:

At one end you will not adjust to sort out precisely. And, PlexConnect looks to interpose via AirPlay while you will trying to play videos through my iPad mini on my Apple TV. Then, each of you takes as a constantly spinning loading pointer. And, suspecting that PlexConnect probably is the culprit. Now, you close the software down. As well as AirPlay returned with its regular working situations. Then, you also not be capable to copy that in subsequent analysis. Even though, but it is accessible it is a problem with your iPad.

Point Eight:

Literally, PlexConnect is a design project. So, with those that are searching for a native interface with their non-Apple media on their Apple TV. As well as do not mind fiddling via a few more technical information. Now, it is definitely worth a look.

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How To Download PlexConnect On Your Server

Previously you take to initiate. And, you will also want to fix up a lot of stuff perfectly;

  • Make sure your Apple TV takes to support firmware. Such as editions 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.x, and 7.x are supporting.
  • Also, download Python 2.7.x on the system that executes your Plex server. And, Python 3 can not run. So, Python 2.7 is downloading on Mac PCs. From Windows, install & download Python 2.7.15 and the latest one.
  • Then, set a static IP address for your Plex Media Server device as well as your Apple TV. Now, the simplest method to perform this is via DCHP reservations on your router.

Even, download the newest edition of Plex Media Server on your server system. Also, you will upgrade Plex Media Server via the update page on your Plex server. Meanwhile, anything is ready, download the PlexConnect user on your server machine. Hugely, you will want to install PlexConnect, take a security certificate for it, as well as release the daemon.

Download PlexConnect On Mac

Therefore, how to download it on a Mac.


Step One:

To begin with, install as well as unzip the PlexConnect archive via GitHub.

Step Two:

After that, scroll the PlexConnect folder to /Applications/ on your Mac.

Step Three:

Then, make as well as download an SSL certificate for your Apple TV. Now, it is a multi-step procedure. But, proceed with this design on creating SSL certificates for the Apple TV to fix it up.

Step Four:

And, execute the proceeding command in Terminal to initiate the PlexConnect daemon;

sudo “/Applications/PlexConnect/”

Step Five:

Also, Plex can now execute.

Download PlexConnect On Windows

Here’s how to install it on a Windows PC.

Step One:

To begin with, install as well as unzip the PlexConnect files.

Step Two:

Then, go towards the PlexConnect folder with the Program Files folder. And, apply the C:\Program Files (x86) whether exists & C:\Program Files unless.

Step Three:

Now, create the SSL certificate by proceeding with this article to making Windows SSL certificates.

Step Four:

So, initiate the PlexConnect folder in Explorer as well as double-tab on the file to release it. Meanwhile, required to support the app by UAC. And, tap on the Allow Access.

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Set Apple TV DNS Settings

Step One:

Right away that PlexConnect executes on your server. And, configure the Apple TV. Also, the DNS settings want to modify to place at your PlexConnect system.

Step Two:

Whether your Apple TV is linking over Wi-Fi. Also, move towards the Settings, General, Network, and Wi-Fi. Now, choose your Wi-Fi network’s name via the menu.

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Step Three:

And, if your Apple TV is linking through Ethernet. Also, navigate towards the Settings, General, Network, and Ethernet.

Step Four:

Then, modify the DNS settings via Automatic to Manual.

Step Five:

Also, insert your Plex server’s IP address, that you set up before applying DHCP reservations. Whether you do not recall the IP address. And, you will search it in your router configuration.

Download SSL Certificate On Your Apple TV

Anyhow, the SSL certificate grants your Plex server. As well as your Apple TV to communicate through HTTPS. Meanwhile, HTTPS is a very strong protocol than HTTP. And, that is not the primary interest. Now, Apple TVs no larger communicate through unencrypted HTTP links. But, an SSL certificate is needing.

Step One:

To begin with, move towards the Apple TV’s Settings menu.

Step Two:

Also, choose General & Send Data to Apple as well as select No.

Step Three:

Besides Send Data To Apple yet choose. Also, click on the Play tab such as not the usual Select tab on the remote. Now, it initiates the procedure of including a profile on your Apple TV.

Step Four:

From the dialog box, insert exactly.

Stream Via PlexConnect


Besides Plex Connect executing on your server. And, you will right away access Plex on your Apple TV. Initiate the Trailers application on your Apple TV. As well as you will link with the Plex app.

Congratulations! You have done an excellent job of PlexConnect: How To Install Apple TV With Jailbreak-free PlexConnect. Now, you are good to go!


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. Also, we will try to lead you to furthermore the PlexConnect: How To Install Apple TV With Jailbreak-free PlexConnect coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article PlexConnect: How To Install Apple TV With Jailbreak-free PlexConnect. Let us know in the comment section below.

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