Motiv Ring Review

Hey! do you want to know about the Motiv Ring Review – Fitness Tracker Wrapped Around Your Finger? Also, if you are facing some problems with it, and a little bit confused? Okay! You don’t need to worry. Because we are here to sort out the issues complete guide on this. Also, if you want some help. Then, you are in the right place. Because this article is for you. Here we come to answer your confusion, so keep reading and don’t be confused now & onwards.

Motiv Ring Review

However, the Motiv Ring is a stylish fitness tracker that shrinks below the guts of a traditional wearable to fix in a ring. Also, the Motiv Ring mixes within your wardrobe better than something Fitbit take suggesting to date. So, it is the latest device that is seriously lacking in application. As well as community features an area of strength of Fitbit. Within this guide, you will go over the Motiv Rings’ features. And, view how it stacks up versus the Fitbit Alta HR, a Huawei Honor Band 3, & a Fossil Q Founder smartwatch.

Motiv Ring Review

Meanwhile, you require a Motiv Ring via the company. Also, they send you a sizing kit creating up of plastic editions of the Ring, by sizes ranging from 6 to 12 (no half points). Therefore, having a noticeable lack of bit sizes for petite hands. Although, Motiv says that the internals can be miniaturized just so much in sequence to have proper tracking. Now, the Ring appears in two colors, Slate Gray & Rose Gold. You will analyze a size 11 Slate Gray Motiv Ring.

So, Let’s Have A Look!

Whereas noticing a fitness tracker to largest people. As well as they think it can also be a device you wear about your wrist. Meanwhile, the Motiv takes that preconception as well as throws it out of the window. So, packing an activity tracker, sleep tracker & heart rate monitor within a ring. Besides Fitbit & Misfit trying to cover up their fitness trackers as jewelry. Also, Motiv takes it with the next level of discretion.

Anyhow, the Motiv Ring’s feature set probably be very basic compared to a few rivals. So, whether you need a more subtle wearable. Now, it can an impressive job of seamlessly integrating within your daily life. And, it suggests a three-day battery life as well as water resistance. Now, only observe that the Motiv recently just runs with an iOS application.

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  • Having an attractive, discreet design
  • Also, simple and easy to use application
  • And, decent battery life
  • Also, water-resistant to 50m


  • Whereas basic as week as slightly inaccurate sleep tracking
  • And, step-counting a bit off
  • Also, scratches very easily

Key Specs

  • Having discreet ring design
  • Also, a 3-axis accelerometer
  • And, optical heart rate monitor
  • Also, water-resistant to 50m
  • And, 3-day battery life

Design & What’s Inside

In the beginning, it is difficult to understand that each of the tech need for a fitness tracker must fit within anything as little as a ring. Also, the number of features in the Motiv Ring that connects with a Fitbit is a pleasant surprise. Also, the Motiv Ring takes a titanium outer shell that is visually broken by a bit LED strip. And, relating to your tungsten wedding ring. Also, the Motiv Ring is a bit heavier. Thus, on your long hands, it fits well as well as blends right in.

Whereas the battery is rated for three days, a claim that keeps true. Also, charging is complete through a magnetized USB dock. As well as took about 90 minutes to charge a Motiv Ring from dead with a complete charge. Although, the internals are similar regardless of the ring size. But, you do not take a longer battery in a more influential ring. Even though, inside are an accelerometer as well as data storage that will cache up to two days of data. Also, the ring joins with your device through Bluetooth. As well as periodically syncs to offload its saves info.

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So, the inner section of the outside of the ring takes a heart rate sensor. As well as two magnetic strips that keep the ring onto the charger. Now, the optimal placement for the sensor is on the palm side of your finger. And, that felt natural as well as did not tend to wander. An essential feature of the Motiv Ring is that it is waterproof approximately 165 feet. Now, it is never worried relating to the ring when washing your hands. Now, having a shower, and performing the dishes. So, god relief while but a lot of your technology feels frail in comparison.

Then, the Motiv Ring is highly durable as well as lightweight. Even though over time the titanium appears a few serious wear like titanium tends to do. All the time you wash your hands it knocks against your wedding ring made of tungsten. Now, a very tougher metal. Whether you are hoping to take a ring that does not show heavy signs of wear then be warned, titanium is not for you.

Motiv Ring Review: What Does It Do?

Although, the Motiv Ring tracks maximum anything a Fitbit does. So, falls short in some key methods. Under the easy Motiv phone application accessible for iOS & Android in Beta form. Now, your activities are tracked through blocks of time in the form of a card that takes a handy image & time stamps. Whether Motiv can not determine the activity you participated in. Also, it will require you to clarify, allowing you to modify not just the type of workout. So, the times as well as the level of exertion. Now, you will even make your own card whether one does not pop up automatically.

Motiv Ring Review

Whereas the application even has cards that show your sleep as well as resting heart rate. Also, clicking on both will give you a little more data. So, not much. In the situation of your resting heart rate, you view just the early nights. And, your sleep moves to show the difference within sleep as well s restlessness. Such as indicated by a bar graph. So, it does not record variances in deep, light, & REM sleep. Also, this is a major disadvantage compared to more fitness trackers such as Fitbit. As well as one that will not modify anytime soon. Now, Motiv informs that the amount of power the sensor needs to track the different sorts of sleep patterns must be detrimental to battery life.


Also, goals can be set for your wanted amount of daily activity. So, it is very bare-bones as well as not with the lines of Fitbits’ or Huaweis’ helpful prompts. Now, It is more such as what is searching in Google’s Wear OS on the Fossil Q. Though, anything to monitor broader activity moves as well as sleep patterns. Now, compared to more systems, each of the Motiv’s readings fell between accurate margins of error. Such as we are not a fitness nut that wants complete accuracy.

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Motiv Ring Review: Activity & Sleep Tracking

Step One:

So, the Motiv is packed besides a 3-axis accelerometer as well as the before mentioning optical heart rate monitor. Within these, it suggests all-day activity tracking, sleep tracking. As well as holds an eye on heart rate, which adds to your resting heart rate. Each of these data is synced besides the Motiv application. Now, that is recently accesible just on iOS. Also, Android consumers can also want to look away from their discreet fitness tracking requirements.

Step Two:

Also, the application itself is clearly designed besides attractive typography plus easy-to-use navigation. On the front of the main display, you will view a target of active minutes for your day. And, a breakdown of points, miles covered as well as calories burned up yet your last sync.

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Step Three:

Under that, the application applies a cards-based interface to display your time slept. As well as resting heart rate overnight. During the day, more cards can also show for periods of 10 or more minutes of activity. Now, you like walking and running. Irritatingly, on occasion, the application thou you to vr\erify you are active while these periods, Instead of this, automatically only adding them.

Step Four:

Whereas it is slightly different access to, say, the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Apple Watch. Now, these devices deliver a larger number of reminders to attempt to take you to get at least 250 points while an hour.

Motiv Ring Review

Step Five:

You will really like it, meanwhile, before it provides you a tangible result of activity previously the latest card shows. Though, splitting it down to a 10-minute walk is between someone’s reach. As well as it will easily mean hopping the bus in favor of a leisurely stroll. So, you will modify your weekly goal. Thus, by default, this is 150 minutes of activity over seven days.

Step Six:

Having said that, you will also miss taking a moving reminder. Meanwhile, you will not expect haptic feedback in a system of this size. Now, an easy way notification via the application must at least create a decent substitute. Then, guess this must need the ring to sync far more regularly with the application for it to familiar with you have not been scrolling for a set period.

Step Seven:

Now, to manually sync the Motiv you only rotate the ring. Also, on your finger sometimes yet you view that bit blue LED initiates to flash.

Step Eight:

For the point counting, you search the Motiv under-counted your steps relative with an Apple Watch Series 3. Also, it is doing it reasonably consistently at least. Now, the one surprise, meanwhile, that on a run it led to maximum nail the accurate distance covered meet with the Apple Watch’s GPS.

Step Nine:

Also, Motiv will automatically recognize famous activities like as runs. As well as longer walks. So, you will even label other activities and manually include them. Now, it is even accessible to describe the level of intensity so this is very for your own reference.

Step Ten:

Now, sleep tracking is very basic. Now, only measuring the duration of your sleep as well as not specific sleep stages. Like REM, light & deep sleep. Then, you even search the Motiv kept including nearby 10-15 minutes of additional sleep to the end of your night’s kip. Also, whether you are clearly active during that period.

Step Eleven:

Anyhow, Motiv told you this is a known problem for a few fans owing to a gradual wake-up routine. And, that involves taking out of bed slowly & non-step behavior while only waking up. Admittedly we work like normally spend some minutes analyzing our device shortly later waking up. And, that must be the problem. Now, it is not an issue we also encountered via most other sleep trackers, though. Now, Motiv informs an algorithm resolve is coming soon to correct the issue.

Step Twelve:

Then, the sleep card does at least allow you to speedily recognize a trend while you get to bed. As well as while you rise. But, you will try to resolve a shifting sleep pattern.

Step Thirteen:

Now, a resting heart rate displays to turn on you to recognize patterns. And, that is helpful to view whether you are getting fitter. Now, a specifically boozy night at the Trusted Reviews Awards views your resting overnight heart rate jump before the average considerably, for instance. Now, it is a shame you can not take your recent heart rate reading. So, you do take a heart rate breakdown via some active cards. As well as it is broadly in line with what you are seeing via an Apple Watch Series 3.

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Motiv Ring Review: Battery Life & Charging

Thus, the Motiv is rated at three days of battery life. Also, that felt about right while testing. Now, you will set it up to take an alert on your device while the battery is low. And, easily jump within the application to see its recent charge level.

Also, charging is complete over a dinky-bit USB cradle. And, you really take two chargers with the Motiv. Now, one of them is designed to hang off your keys with a good touch.

Motiv Ring Review: Purpose To Track With It

In our globe, it looks like all people from our co-workers to our parents uses a Fitbit. So, you also ever been switching off by its style. Now, you even not require the granularity of the fitness tracking they give. And, such as you are admittedly not an active person. Even though you know you should be. As well as you must enjoy the capability to track your activities against friends as well as family. Such as you will with Fitbit it is not a large loss. But, whether you are not interested in wearing a fitness band and smartwatch. So, yet must such as to do activity tracking on a broad scale, now the Motiv Ring is right for you.


On normal, you will also log 13,000 steps a day. Also, most of that appears from your daily commute. As well as an occasional martial arts training session. Now, you also mostly been comfortable with the tracking that Google Fit gives on u]your Fossil Q. So, it also takes slowly taking impatient besides the lack of improvements on the Wear OS systems.


Now, it is even worth noting that Android help is coming. Besides an extensive Beta running the right way. You also apply it for a lot of weeks as well as at this point it is very rough. Now, you do not suggest someone yo purchase the Motiv Ring to applying on an Android device right away. Though, iOS is the method to go.

And, the Motiv Ring is an accurate companion for anyone that needs a glimpse into their daily activities. As well as it does not need to wear still another thing on their wrist. Also, the tough, as well as stylish package of titanium, fits well in your daily wardrobe. As well as take a minimal impact on your device’s battery. And, the Motiv Ring device application is not as detailed as more fitness trackers. So, it does look to do perfect work of the data it can record.


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. We will also try to lead you to the Motiv Ring Review – Fitness Tracker Wrapped Around Your Finger coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article Motiv Ring Review – Fitness Tracker Wrapped Around Your Finger. Let us know in the comment section below.

Till then Peace Out!

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