Mask Photo Editing

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Mask Photo Editing

Take n to account that the last time you provide your walls a new layer of paint? Also, you may apply a list of blue and beige masking strips to hide the baseboards. As well as windows but you will not have paint on them. No, masking tape’s digital equivalent known as a layer mask. So, it is a time-saving feature in Adobe Photoshop. Also, Photoshop Elements (edition 9+). As well as the reasonable still strong Pixelmator. Therefore, having a speedy primer on how to apply this amazing tool in your digital photo editing program of option.

And, Photoshop is a strong resource in the photography globe. Now, a few probably inform that it is important to be executing a few via photoshop with very broadly apply photo editing software like Lightroom. Meanwhile, both programs complement each more respectively in various stages. Thus, layer masks in Photoshop suggest the editor a full range of choices in post-processing.

Mask Photo Editing

So, via the apply of layer masks in photoshop. And, you will definitely edit apart. As well as be in complete management of specifically how much. Then, where as well as in what area(s) you need the underlying image. Also, it is to change. Whereas you will even manage the complete for clarity of the layer to manage precisely. So, how many of the edits as well as modifications you need to view in the final playing photo. Thus, what are layer masks? Whether you are the latest in photography. And, get not to apply a program such as Photoshop. Previously, these terms will anytime a few intimidating. As well as you probably get not listen relating to what layer masks are.

So, Let’s Have A Look!

Now, a really easy method to think of layer masks is this. Then, Layer masks in photoshop are filters you put on your actual photos that keep the key to improve your photo. So, really the method you need unless modifying your actual photo.

Among the benefits of this is that you will create a lot of modifications. Now, such as you want as well as play around besides what you must want to view. And, you will also ‘mess up’ such as not that we must encourage that. Thus, whether you are to create some errors. Also, need to try various brushes and techniques. So, you must ever only overturn the layer mask that you are running on. As well as initiate the latest one. And, each of the when maintaining the actual photo. If you want to know about ‘Mask Photo Editing – How To Create Master The Layer Mask’ in a simple way then dive below!

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Masking Basics

Whereas Layer masks create for very much adjustable editing practice. Now, due to this, you are covering pixels. Rather than eliminating them. For instnace, inform you are using yourself to a few head-swapping. Such as amazing for breakups, pranks, as well as many more. Whether you apply the Eraser tool as well as randomly eliminate an ear. Therefore, having no taking it back unless a few massive undo actions. Meanwhile, whether you apply a layer mask to cover pixels. Rather than this, you will simply resolve an unexpecting ear cover-up.

Anyhow, you will do every manner of non-destructive methods with layer masks. For instnace, you will create message shows after an object in an image. And, isolate an image’s subject as well as modify the background. So, you will resolve exposure issues by applying a layer mask to limit the modifications to specific areas. And, manage an area assuming by a color tint and a filter’s impact. Now, you will even apply masks to join photos. Although, provide an image with rounded. And, painterly corners, modifies the color of an individual object in an image. Thus, make a partial color effect, as well as many more.

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Keep in mind that you probably not understand it. Thus, probably applications apply automatic masking in their outcomes tools to modify sections of an image. Rather than this, the complete thing. For instance, iPhoto for iOS applies to mask for its Brushes tool. As well as three of its Artistic Effects. Such as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom & Camera Raw apply masking for their Adjustments Brush, Gradient & Radial filters.

How To Add A Layer Mask – Mask Photo Editing

Step One:

If you are running in Adobe Photoshop and Elements. Also, adding a layer mask is equal. Then, activate the layer as well as tap on the circle-within-a-square icon below the Layers panel in Photoshop. And, at the front of the Layers panel in Elements’ Expert mode such as Full Edit in previous editions. According to Pixelmator, tap on the gear icon below the Layers panel. As well as select Add Layer Mask.

Step Two:

After that, the effecting mask seems like a white rectangle in your Layers panel. As well as serves as a small representation of your document. And, you will create your mask by including digital black paint. Also, covering particular sections of the photograph. Now, you will apply various ways to perform this. And, such as the Brush tool fix to paint with black. Now, the Gradient tool such as a fix to a black & white gradient. Then, via making a choice as well as filling it besides black.

Mask Photo Editing

Step Three:

Now, a useful piece of advice that while you are running inside a layer mask. Also, black paint conceals white reveals. Whether you create a mistake as well as conceal also much of the photo with black paint. Now, you will reveal it once more via painting a front of those areas besides white. And, what a kind method to edit.

How To Make A Soft-Edge Vignette Collage – Mask Photo Editing

Whereas layer masks will also apply in a lot of methods to make very impressive photographs. For instnace, you will apply masks to combine two photos together within a soft, oval vignette. Also, it is a handy way as well as excellent for photographers, designers, as well as hobbyists.

So, initiate by starting two photos. Also, the main photo, as well as the one you need for the vignette. According to the main photo document. So, click on the Command-A to choose all. As well as now click on the Command-C to duplicate the photo. According to the more document, click on the Command-V to paste the central photo such as the latest layer. Then, activate the Elliptical Marquee tool, tap on it atop the photo. As well as move diagonally downwards to draw an oval choice. Keep in mind click as well as keep the spacebar to reposition the choice as you draw it.

In Photoshop

So, tap on the “Add layer mask” icon as well as now double-tap on the mask thumbnail in the Layers panel. Also, to summon the Masks panel. Then, move the Feather slider rightward to bend the mask’s corners.

In Elements

Also, tap on the Refine Edge tab in the Choices bar below its workspace. According to the outcome dialog, click on the L to preview the mask on every layer. Now, to confirm about every slider is at 0. As well as now move the Feather slider rightward. Through the Output To menu below, select Layer Mask as well as tap on the OK.

In Pixelmator

Anyhow, select the Edit and Refine Selection. From the resulting dialog, scroll the Feather slider rightward. As well as tap on the OK. From the Layers panel, tap on the gear icon as well as select the Add Layer Mask. And, click on Command-D to reject the choice.

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How To Apply Adjustment Layer Masks – Mask Photo Editing

In Adobe Photoshop & Elements

Step One:

Anyhow, these two programs add adjustment layers. And, that allows you to create color as well as lighting modifications that are self-contained. Also, your actual photo remains intact. Now, a layer mask remotely tags with all adjustment layers. Then, granting you to cover the effects of that specific adjustment. From Photoshop, you even have an automatic mask while aplying Smart Filters. So, turning off you to cover a filter’s effects via parts of the image.

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Step Two:

Then, to make an incomplete color effect in each program. Now, initiate a photo as well as now click on the D key to set the color chips below of your Tools panel to the default of black & white. Now, click on the X key yet black is on the front.

Step Three:

After that, tap on the half-black or half-white circle below the Layers panel in Photoshop.  Also, the below of the Layers panel in Elements. As well as select Gradient Map. Now, your photo immediately changes into black & white. Besides the mask active such as it will get a light-colored outline. So, click on the B key to take the Brush tool. As well as now paint beyond the area of your photo that you need to have in color. Also, click on the left bracket key ([) to reduce brush size. So, click on the right bracket key (]) to improve it.


Step One:

Meanwhile, Pixelmator does not get adjustment layers. Now, you will make this effect via selecting Layer &  Duplicate Layer. As well as in the Effects Browser, double-taping on the “Black and White” thumbnail.

Mask Photo Editing

Step Two:

Now, add a layer mask to the black & white layer. Now, click on the B key to activate the Brush tool. Also, tap on the color swatch in the Tool Options at the front of your display. As well as select black. Then, paint atop the area that you want to remain in color. Meanwhile, applying your left or right bracket keys to manage brush size. Whether you reveal extreme color than you need. Also, fix the Tool Options’ color swatch to white as well as paint back throughout that point.

Apply Clipping Masks – Mask Photo Editing

Step One:

Each of the three programs helps to clip masks. And, those are such as digital stencils. Now, they allow you to get one layer’s contents such as an image. As well as push it via the contents of the layer below it. Such as messages, a shape you drew, and a brushstroke. Now, as large as that lower layer get a few transparent (clear) areas. So, the layer before it is “clipped”. But, that you just view via the solid sections of the lower layer.

Step Two:

Therefore, how to apply a clipping mask to start an image via message. Now, initiate an image as well as, whether essential, double-tap on the Background layer in the Layers panel to open it.

Step Three:

After that, click on the T key to take the Type tool. From Photoshop and Elements. Now, tap in atop the document as well as insert a short word. So, in Pixelmator, tap as well as a move to draw a message box. As well as now insert a word.

Step Four:

Also, apply a thick font such as Impact, Arial Bold, and Helvetica Black. Thus, do not fret relating to the message color. According to the Layers panel, activate the image layer as well as move it over the message layer. Also, the choice-click the dividing line within the two layers to make a clipping mask. So, to launch the clipping mask, Option-click the dividing line within the two layers once more.

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The Art Of Masking – Mask Photo Editing

Step One:

So get that anywhere always the mask is white. Also, the modifications you use can also impact the photo. Now, that always the mask is black. And, no modifications in that area of the mask can use in the underlying image. Because we need to change just a part of the image. So, can also run with a ‘Quick Select’ tool way via your left toggle menu to hold things easy for the idea of this guide. For instance, we can work on modifying the brightness of the sky in the image;

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Step Two:

Although, to choose the area that you need to run on via masking. And, choose your ‘Quick Select’ tool via the left-hand tool menu.

Step Three:

Next up, drag the pointer through the area that you need to edit. And, keep the mouse tab below. As well as scroll the pointer around yet the area is choosing. So, the speedy choosing tool can also automatically select up on corners. As well as choose your area.

Step Four:

Already the area is choosing. Now, tap on the ‘Curves’ adjustment tool.

Step Five:

Then, we are able to create our edits. Also, by applying the Curves layer mask, we can darken the sky.

Step Six:

To bear in mind that this instance is aplying the ‘Curves Adjustment’ tool via the right panel. Now, this is just one of the accessibilities to demonstrate the use of layer masking. And, to Darken the image, we easily make an adjustment step to the left as well as scroll it below towards the left a little. Now, create the wanting adjustments on your photo. After that, already you are satisfied with your final photo, you will now send it.

Step Seven:

Therefore, having are the photos previously. As well as later to appaers you how the image is affected.

Moving Ahead – Mask Photo Editing

So, having a lot of more new techniques you will continue to more improve your images. Meanwhile, this instance just hit the brightness of a part of the image. Also, layer masks will also apply to affect a lot more avenues of an image such as saturation, color, & contrast to name some. So, complete photo manipulation is the name of the game while applying photoshop. As well as applying layer masks are just among the many things that you will perform with this handy photographer’s editing tool.


Obviously, making local adjustment layer masks is not the just apply of layers. One more application of layers is the capability to eliminate unnecessary objects via the ultimate photo. And, unless affecting the actual photo provide. So, we suggest making duplicate layers. As well as creating your benefits on the front layers of the photo that you are editing. Now, the spot heal brush also the clone stamp tool are amazing tools to more important your photos.

At points meanwhile, your photo probably wants a bit more than only an expeditious blemish fix. Now, such as a top swap due to this of blinking eyes in group portraits.

Congratulations! You have done an excellent job of Mask Photo Editing – How To Create Master The Layer Mask. Now, you are good to go


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. Meanwhile, knowing about ‘Mask Photo Editing – How To Create Master The Layer Mask’. Also, we will try to lead you to furthermore Mask Photo Editing – How To Create Master The Layer Mask coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article Mask Photo Editing – How To Create Master The Layer Mask. Let us know in the comment section below.

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