Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade

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Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade

However, Mac mini consumers newly rejoiced later Apple updated the storied compact Mac. And, after two years unless a major overhaul. So, for DIY types, the latest Mac mini is a mixed bag suggesting both heartache & promise. Now, the teardown experts at iFixit currently took apart the base model 2014 Mac Mini via a 500GB hard drive. As well as a 1.4GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5 processor. Now, the DIY site searches that upgrading the Mac mini’s RAM is right away pretty much not accessible. So, adding an internal SSD at an after date only probably be doable.

Even though, it is simple to feel sorry for the Mac Mini. Also, Apple goes via each of its Macs last year. Then, updating them with the latest Intel Haswell CPUs & 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapters & faster SSDs, and (sometimes) Thunderbolt 2. Meanwhile, the Mini sat plus looking for an upgrade that never came. Now, Apple speedily announced the latest Mini at its media event in October.

Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade

Though, two years later the 2012 Mac Mini is introduced. Then, Desktops & laptops have not advanced a complete lot in the last year. But, for the most part, the Mini is only getting 2013’s upgrades a year late. Whether that is all that was occurring. Now, the Mac Mini must be a welcome-if-overdue update to the desktop. Now, the 2014 Mac Mini is more interesting than that. So, unluckily for people that have been looking for this refresh. And, it is more notable for the thing it is missing than its upgrades.

So, Let’s Have A Look!

Even though you will typically such as to evaluate the base models of PC while possible. So, in the Mac Mini’s case, the upgraded $699 configuration is more interesting. As well as it is the one you ought to take whether you care about performance (more on that later). Now, you will provide benchmarks representative of the $499 Mini, also. So, familiar with ahead of time that it applies the similar guts as the base-model MacBook Airs & the $1,099 iMac. Now, to evaluate the PC’s SSD performance. Also, you have equipped your display unit with a 1TB Fusion Drive, a $200 upgrade. Though you will not be recapping how this feature goes. So, your deep dive is over there.

The Result On You At Home

Based on a company’s design wants. Also, a device’s internals will vary widely within generations. One year, the latest smartphone and laptop probably be the simplest thing in the globe to upgrade. Meanwhile, the further model can end up being very unfriendly to do-it-yourself fixes & tweaks. Now, Apple’s 2014 Mac mini is an accurate example of this. Now, where swapping out and adding common components is right away much more complicated. Even though, it even adds the latest possibility of PCIe-powered SSD upgrades.
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Even though, the Mac Mini is a machine you half expected Apple to quietly drop. Also, the decline of the desktop personal system business in general. As well as the fact that you will never see a Mac Mini as a prominent part of product placement. Now, it means this miniature micro is unlikely to ever keep a place in Apple’s heart such as the iMac. Really, it is been a complete two years before Apple last revised the Mini. Also, leaving a lot of its consumers fearful that it probably be on its way out. Now, a victim of changing tastes in computing products.

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So no, only while you have given up looking for the bus. As well as ready to plod your weary way home. Besides, come three units Apple would already have labeled Good, Better & Best. Now, the year-long look for Intel’s impressive Haswell processor to appears with the Mini is over. As well as that is very welcome. Now, Ditto the addition of 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Also, the quid pro quo is the loss of upgradeable RAM. Then, allow it to be obvious. Also, the Mini is never a simple upgrade. Then, having the hard drive out involves eliminating each of the machine’s internals. Then, it still does. So, at least it is applying to be a doddle to open the before incarnation’s memory. Now, rotate the base, unclip the Wi-Fi card’s antenna, unscrew a metal plate, as well as there is your RAM slot.


No longer. Also, the base is clipped in place, as well as beneath the metal plate. And, soldered memory. Now, Apple’s build-to-order memory is less costly than it applying to be. Also, £80 for a 4GB upgrade via the base 4GB is not as daunting as £80 was two years ago. Thus, but it is yet a darn sight less cost-effective than purchasing memory from someone such as Crucial. As well as fixing it yourself. Doubly but if you need 16GB. Furthermore, also be capable to upgrade your system as you want. Instead, investing all at the start. Also, it is half the point of purchasing a desktop instead of a laptop. Now, the other half is better to work. Even though via the Mini that is maybe less of a concern thanks to its laptop-derived parts. As well as ultra-compact form-factor. Also, this is not a PC for customization.

Obviously, that is maybe why Apple felt it must get away with its margin-enhancing plan to solder down the RAM. Now, this is why it stopped bundling an HDMI-DVI adaptor also. No one can update the Mini, it thought. Then, you can not replace the CPU. As well as the graphics core is integrated but that can not be swapped out either. Yes, so that is not an unreasonable assumption. Thus, it is nonetheless very disappointing for those of us that want Macs for more than their user convenience. Also, you will add RAM to the iMac, for example. But, why penalize Mini buyers, particularly while you already take an elegantly engineered mechanism for memory upgrades?

Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade: RAM Fixation

Even though, the initial thing iFixit discovered is that Apple switched out simple access to the RAM. Now, that is applying to sit in slots right underneath the Mac minis below cover. Whereas making matters worse. And, if already you dig a bit deeper iFixit search that there are no pop-out RAM slots at all. Rather than this, the RAM is soldered directly onto the logic board. In other situations, confirm you to take sufficient memory for your potential requirements while you are ordering your PC. Now, due to this, you will not upgrade it afterward.

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Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade
Apple MAC MINI 2020

Although, digging deeper, iFixit search another bummer. Such as the latest Mac mini does not come with an empty SATA port. Like past models have. And, it means you can not add an additional internal hard drive at home as you could have in the past. So, where Apple taketh away, Apple also giveth maybe. Now, the SATA port is gone. So, iFixit also searches what it thinks is a socket for a PCIe wire that must grant you to include a blade SSD.


Including the DIY excitement. Now, iFixit after search a mounting point for a “blade-style PCIe SSD.” Now, to test the mounting point, iFixit has an SSD ripped via a recent iMac teardown. As well as discovered the drive fits nicely under the Mac mini mount. Now, the DIY site says it plans on tearing down one of the more costly models of the latest Mac mini packed via a Fusion Drive to verify their suspicions. Now, Apple’s Fusion Drive technology joins a standard hard drive. As well as an SSD to create a single. Then, a user-facing storage system as opposed to two individual drives.

Whether the latest set-up does turn out to be the actual thing that is not just good news for someone hoping to rip apart their Mac mini at home. Also, it even means iFixit will update its Mac mini Dual Drive upgrade kit.

Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade: What Hasn’t Changed?

Visually, the Mac Mini seems similar to it has because Apple stopped shipping SuperDrive-equipped editions back in 2011. Also, it is an unadorned, flattened aluminum box via sharp edges & rounded edges. Now, the front face is broken up by a bit white power LED & an IR receiver. As well as the sides are accurately smooth. And, an individual part of black plastic on the back of the unit houses the consumer vent. As well as a reasonably impressive complement of ports, that take to modify just a bit from last year.

Also, the FireWire 800 port take finally been jettisoned. Also, the 2012 Mini is the last of the Macs to add the aging interface. Even though, Thunderbolt-to-FireWire dongles still exist. As well as having a second Thunderbolt 2 port in its place. Then, backing from last year are the gigabit Ethernet jack, HDMI port, four USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, & audio in & headphone jacks. Then, it is yet irritating that Apple insists on pointing all of the ports for its desktops on the back of the PCs. Now, it is no surprise at all for longtime Mac users. So, Computer switchers now a group the Mini specifically targets probably want to modify their behavior.

Eventually, the latest Mini is precisely the similar size & weight as the previous one. Whether you are hoping for a few sorts of reduction there, keep hoping.

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Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade: What Has Developed?

Pauses to high-end Intel CPUs based on the latest Broadwell architecture. And, it means that the maximum of the 2014 Mini enhancements came to all other Mac in the lineup in 2013. But, the box’s insides do a bit to surprise. And, you are waiting at Intel Haswell CPUs rather than Ivy Bridge. Now, that must reduce power consumption when enhancing CPU & GPU performance. Now, 802.11ac Wi-Fi bumps the maximum theoretical link speed to 1.3Gbps. Also, roughly three times the 450Mbps 802.11n in the 2012 model.

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Also, Thunderbolt 2 raises to change speeds to 20Gbps. As well as the included DisplayPort 1.2 specification brings 30Hz 4K display help to the Mac Mini. Now, the HDMI port can even drive 3840×2160 displays at 30Hz & 4096×2160 displays at 24Hz. Now, this Apple document takes more data on external display support. So, the most essential thing you m must know is that the Mini does not help multi-stream transport (MST) displays. And, meaning that 4K output at 60Hz is impossible.

Also, the forthcoming DisplayPort 1.3 standard is essential to drive 60Hz displays applying a single connector. As well as Thunderbolt 2 only adds support for DisplayPort 1.2. Update such as Lack of 60Hz 4K help on the 2014 Mini is really an Intel GPU limitation. Now, not a DisplayPort limitation. And, this document outlines the resolutions & refresh rates supported by a lot of Intel GPUs.


According to the other substantive enhancements. Also, the GPUs and the improved storage speeds are maybe the biggest. Now, 2012’s Minis all add Intel’s HD 4000 GPU. Also, the best-integrated GPU that shipped with Ivy Bridge processors. And, the GPU you get in the 2014 Mini based on the configuration you spring for. Also, the $499 base model adds the Intel HD 5000, the similar one you will take in the 2013 MacBook & the $1,099 iMac. Now, the $699 & $999 models add the Iris 5100, a slightly faster-integrated GPU such as what you will view in a 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. Dissimilarly the Iris Pro 5200, the 5100 does not add any dedicated eDRAM. Now, that restricts its speeds. Also, it’ is yet may be worth the additional cash whether you need the fastest Mini you can get.

Now, a speedy note relating to these charts. Such as the HD 5000 outcomes come from a 2013 MacBook Air via a 1.7GHz Core i5-3317U in it. Because you do not take numbers for the 1.4GHz model on hand. Also, the base Mini can score a bit differently. Thus, the numbers must be more or less similar.


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. We will also try to lead you to the Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade: Restricts RAM & Storage To Upgrades coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article Mac Mini Late 2014 RAM Upgrade: Restricts RAM & Storage To Upgrades. Let us know in the comment section below.

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