M4A File Extension

M4A File Extension

What is an .m4a file and how do I open it?

Music is the essence of life. Just imagine someone is playing “Shake it off” by the stunning Taylor Swift, would you be able to control yourself? The answer is always no, and your feet would be ready to groove in style! Whether it is the Swing Kings or One Direction, music livens everything around us.

It is noteworthy how people have thought of a way to block the chaos of the outside world- inserting our earphones transports us to a whole different world. The experience is surreal! Music has always been our escape from the chaotic world. So let’s learn more about the extension that saves our favorite songs in our system. M4A is the common extension used by your Mac to save your downloaded songs from iTunes. Read this article to find out what is an m4a file and how do you open it.

Mystery Behind A File Extension

The collection of three or four characters at the end of a filename is a file extension. The common extension that saves your system is .m4a. File extensions identify the file type and inform your system about the programs that will use it. Your system frequently connects a default program with every file extension, causing the software to launch immediately when you open the file by double-clicking on it. However, if you try to open any other related file after that program has been removed from your PC, you may receive an error and won’t be able to open it.

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What is an .m4a File?

M4A files, often known as MPEG-4 audio files, are digital files stored in your system. These digital audio files are compressed using AAC or ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec) specifications. Apple has created the M4A file format to make it easier and simpler for users to differentiate between MP4 files that only contain audio data and MP4 files that contain audio and video content.

People nowadays are inclined towards audiobooks and podcasts. Whether going to work or sweating out in the gym, music has been our best friend everywhere. M4A files in your Mac are mostly used to store audiobooks for your daily dose of knowledge and entertainment. The format also stores music, and surprisingly, the Apple iTunes Store has a large variety of collections to choose from. The majority of M4A content available for download from iTunes uses AAC compression, resulting in much smaller .m4a files that do not constrain your system and its performance.

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How to Open an M4A File?

To open an M4A file, you must first double-click the .m4a file or any other file to launch it on your system. The default application in your system that is supposed to open your.m4a file will open it if everything is in proper order. However, if your file associations are not in order, it’s conceivable that you’ll need to download or buy the appropriate program to launch the M4A file.

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It might also be possible that you have the right application installed on your system; however, the.m4a files aren’t linked to it. If you are trying to open a .m4a file in this situation, you can manually select from your system which application you think is appropriate for that file. After that, when you open a .m4a file, it will launch the relevant application you had chosen before.

How Can You Convert an M4A File?

There are many M4A players in Mac; whether it is built-in or third-party applications, you will find yourself caught in a situation where you have to convert M4A to MP3 iTunes format. Many users consider it tricky; however, it will ensure quick transfer of music or audiobooks from your Mac to any device of your choice. If you want to know more about converting an M4A file, read more on https://setapp.com/.

Fortunately, there is an easy trick to use iTunes as an audio file converter. Many of you might be surprised to know about this as many users are not aware of this simple technique. Hop on to iTunes on your system and click on preferences; after that, choose files that you wish to convert and click on import. Under import settings, click on import to MP3 encoder. Now, all you have to do is drop your M4A files into iTunes, select the respective files, click on convert and then hit create MP3 version. Lo! Your MP3 files are ready. You are all set to groove in style.

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Apart from these simple tricks, there are software like Elmedia Player and Permute available for free to use. Let us know in the comments if we have missed anything about M4A; stay tuned for more articles like this!

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