Turn On/Off Read Receipts

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Turn On/Off Read Receipts

Meanwhile, you are applying Messages, Read Receipts. So, allow the person you are communicating with the familiar while you have received & read their text. Whether for whatever reason, you need to modify this. But, that you are not sending a read receipt, you will change it in the Messages application. Also, it is essential to observe that this works just whether both consumers on the chat are applying Messages. Both on the Mac and on an iOS device. Now, read receipts are not possible while you are applying Messages. As well as the person you will chat with is using another system such as Android.

And, one of the features you will have benefits of in iMessage. Also, a lot of other internet chat services are sending & receiving read receipts. Then, that is a type of confirmation that informs you while the recipient takes to read the message you have sent to them. Then, it is helpful for while you need to make sure they are received your message. As well as even though not everyone such as to take people knowing while they read people’s messages. Now, a few such as to allow others to familiarize while their message is received loud & obvious. If they are capable to respond right away or not.

Turn On/Off Read Receipts

In this blog, we can also talk relating to the implications of using iMessage read receipts or not. Now, we will even show you how to turn read receipts on and off for iMessage on your iOS devices & your Mac.

So, Le’s Have A Look!

Anyhow, a read receipt verifies that your iMessage is to open. Therefore, having probably been in situations that you probably not need to send read receipts. Hence, having two gray/blue status messages that can show under all iMessage you send:

  • Delivered. It means that the text is successfully delivered to your recipient’s phone.
  • Read. And, the recipient has opened (presumably read) your message. Also, this read text can show only whether the recipient has his or her read receipts enable. Then, this note can even add the time you read the message.

Whereas read receipts are not moving to work if you & your recipients are applying a non-Apple device. Without this is switch off. Now, iMessage delivers read reports that say a contact you take to read the message you have received. Also, a lot of people need to turn this feature is off due to this feature can allow anyone knows that you see the messages he/she send. Thus, not certainly respond in a timely manner.

Now, you will switch on & off read receipts on your iPhone & iPad from the settings menu. Also, you will even modify this setting on your Mac. Plus, you will switch this off and on for particular contacts & over the board. Now, this guide details how you can do this. Meanwhile, this feature is turning on, people can also view while you are reading their messages. Meanwhile, this feature is turning off, messages you send can just show up as “Delivered,” not “Read”. As well as the people can not know while and if you read their message.

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How To Turn On/Off Read Receipts On Mac

Whether you are using a Mac. Now, turning read receipts on & off for iMessage in the macOS Messages application takes only some points.

Step One:

Release the Messages application on your Mac via the Dock, Apps folder, and from Spotlight.

Step Two:

If already open, tap on Messages in the Menu Bar, as well as now tap on Preferences.

Step Three:

From the Messages preferences window. Also, tap on the Accounts button. Now, tap on the Send read receipts analyzes box to both enable & disable read receipts for iMessage on your Mac.

Step Four:

Take into account that if enabled. Also, the person who messages you can also capable to view that you also read their message, as shown later. Whether to turn it off, it can show “Delivered” for them rather.

Step Five:

That is all having to turn on or off read receipts for iMessage on your Mac. Thus, performing but is also accessible on your iPhone, iPod touch, & iPad. We will show you how in the further section.

How To Turn On/Off Read Receipts On iOS Devices

However, toggling read receipts on & off for iMessage is a bit simpler for iOS device consumers. So, nonetheless, there are the points:

Step One:

Release the Settings application as well as initiate the Messages preferences pane.

Step Two:

Now, switch the Send Read Receipts toggle switch both on & off to your desired setting.

Turn On/Off Read Receipts

Step Three:

Take into account that if turning on. Now, the person messaging you can see while you also read their message. Such as shown below on the contrary. Though, whteher you turning off read receipts. Now, they will only view the word “Delivered” instead.

Step Four:

That is each of their is to it to allow more to view while you have read their messages on your iOS devices.

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Turn On/Off Read Receipts On A Per-Contact Basis

Now, these points can also turn on or off on a person-by-person basis. In other cases, this can also turn on or off this for choose people. And, this way you will control which contact to familiar with while their messages take to initiate & read. Though, it can override your per-account setting.

On iOS Devices

Step One:

To begin with, start with the Messages.

Step Two:

Also, initiate a text conversation with a person for whom you need to disable & enable read receipts.

Step Three:

And, click on the info tab in the front of the right edge.

Step Four:

Now, you will switch off & on the switch for Send Read Receipts.

On Mac

Step One:

To begin with, start with the Messages application on your Mac.

Step Two:

Also, initiate the message conversation in query.

Step Three:

From the top-right edge. Also, you can view Details. Tap on it.

Step Four:

In the end, select and unselect Send Read Receipts.

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Want To See When Others Read MY Messages

Unluckily, due to this iMessage read receipts are a matter of privacy. Now, Apple allows the end-user to create the select on if or not to share read receipts. Not every user is suitable with people knowing while they are read anyone’s message. As well as an outcome, a few folks leave the feature switch off.

Whether you need to view while anyone other reads your iMessage. Now, you are virtually powerless in that respect due to this having no setting to do. Thus, you will yet ask the person whether they will be willing to switch on reading receipts. As well as show them this guide but they know how to. But, you will view it while they have at least read your message. Particularly whether they are a working person & often can not return on time. Although, the worst they will do is say no as well as that they are not affected.

More About iMessage Read Receipts

Though, read receipts are restricting to iMessage in the Messages application just. SMS messages do not appear with reading receipts due to it is a previous technology that carriers take not still create these software advancements to. Now, iMessage bubbles show blue in the Messages application. Meanwhile, SMS bubbles show green, as well as it is essential to be capable to allow the difference. Unluckily, you can not toggle iMessage read receipts on & off for different people. And, Apple forces you to toggle it on & off for everyone. But, keep this in mind while you create your decision.

Anyhow, it is even worth noting that it is accessible for anyone to view your message. Meanwhile, they also read receipts to turn on, and the Messages application probably not show that they also read your message. Now, a few instances add while they view a preview of your message from the Lock screen & Notification Center. As well as do not initiate the Messages application to acknowledge your iMessage. And, while using 3D Touch to peek at a message, also whether they have a jailbreak tweak to download that inhibits sending & receiving read receipts. Also, without the user grants it to occur.

Turn On/Off Read Receipts

Whereas read receipts are a nifty thing to have. So, you want to weigh in if or not they will do more harm than good. And, it can also really be a helpful tool. You will personally apply read receipts due to this you can not care less what people think while they view. And, you also read their messages, so others probably disagree with your standpoint. As well as select to keep the feature to turn off.

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How TO Get Notifications When Your Messages Are Read in macOS Mail

So, by default, macOS Mail does not support read receipts. Also, notifications that the recipient of your email take to initiate it. Meanwhile, you will use Terminal to create the essential modifications. Then, granting you to verify that an email at least press on your recipient’s inbox. Now, you will also allow how to do this to apply any Mac running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher. Therefore, how to turn on this feature:


Step One:

To begin with, Terminal will also be found under ~/Applications/Utilities/.

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Step Two:

From the prompt, type the following command, now click on the Return:

defaults read com. apple. mail UserHeaders

Step Three:

Whether the command returns an error that reads. Such as “The domain/default pair of (com.apple.mail, UserHeaders) does not exist,”. Also, type the following, replacing “Name” & “email address” with your own. As well as now click on the Return. For instance:

defaults write com. apple.mail UserHeaders ‘{“Disposition-Notification-To” = “Name

Step Four:

Now, you are done at this step without the defaults read command before returns a line of values. And, that initiates with { and ends in }. Else so, take the following points to complete setting up read receipt requests.

Step Five:

Then, highlight the complete line. Now, it probably read anything such as {Bcc = “bcc@example.com”; }, for instance.

Step Six:

After that, copy that highlighted line with the Command+C shortcut. So, it does not paste it though. Rather, type this but do not click on the Return yet):

defaults write com. apple. mail UserHeaders

Step Seven:

Now, place a space at the end of the line. As well as now an individual quote, also then paste what you only copied. But, that it shows up later what is only typed. At last it with a single quote.

Step Eight:

Enter “Disposition-Notification-To” = “Name “; ‘ in beginning of the closing } character. Once more replacing Name with your name & email@address with your email address.

Step Nine:

Now, click on the Enter. And, the line might right away read like this:

defaults write com. apple.mail UserHeaders ‘{Bcc = “bcc@example.com”; “Disposition-Notification-To” = “John Doe “; }’

How To Turn Off Automatic Read Receipt Requests

Step One:

So, switching off this setting is only as simple. As before, initiate Terminal again.

Step Two:

Also, easily type the following, now press the Enter.

defaults delete com. apple. mail UserHeaders

Congratulations! You have done an excellent job of How To Turn On/Off Read Receipts On Mac – Workarounds To Do It. Now, you are good to go!


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you. Or resolve the problems that you are facing. We will also try to lead you to the How To Turn On/Off Read Receipts On Mac – Workarounds To Do It coverage. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue. And want to share some tricks. Along with you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any ideas or feedback do share them with us. Or if you have any queries. Also, related to our article How To Turn On/Off Read Receipts On Mac – Workarounds To Do It Let us know in the comment section below.

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