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Alcatel 7: Hey! do you want to know about Alcatel 7? How you can avail under your budget? This question is in your mind? Okay! don’t worry we are here to sort out the issues. Also, if you want some help then you are in the right place because this article is for you. Then, here we come to answer to your confusion. So, keep reading and don’t be confuse now and onwards. Therefore, there are not very reasonable budget devices. But, there are some rare devices. Such as the Nokia 6.1 and Moto G6. And, they are very faint in contrast to the cost of the phone that sold out in Asia and some areas of Europe.

Alcatel is a sub-brand of TCL. And somewhere people know in the United States. Also, happy with the pack of cheapest devices. Thus, it sold by prepaid carriers such as MetroPCS and Cricket. But, the organization’s devices mostly are not something specific. Now, the currently launching the Alcatel 7 provoke my concern.

The Alcatel 7 has a 6-inch 2160×1080 2.5D screen, a 4,000mAh battery, and USB Type-C. At a retail price of $179.99, it looks like a reasonable value on paper. Also, after all, it is a MetroPCS choice. But actually it is an average budget device with only a big disadvantage.



6.0″ 18:9 2180×1080 LCD


MediaTek MT6736TA @ 2.5GHz




32GB with microSD support




Android Oreo 8.1.0

Rear Cameras

12MP + 2 MP, records video at 1080p 30FPS

Front Camera

8MP, records video at 1080p 30FPS


GSM: 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS: B2/4/5, 4G LTE: B2/4/5/12/66/71, Extended Range LTE: 600 MHz, VoLTE/VoWiFi, 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi

Headphone jack



USB Type-C


6.38″ x 2.95″ x 0.34″ (25mm x 75mm x 8.6mm)

Other Functionalities

FM Radio, IR Blaster

Good At


The large 18:9 display is bright and vivid.

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Apps start very quickly. Also, the 2GB RAM is capable. Animations are not very good. But, that is true of many budget devices.


You have a much stock form of Android 8.1 Oreo.

USB Type-C

MicroUSB is also the model for sub-$200 devices in the United States. Thus, such as Type-C wire is surely a highlight functionality.

Bad At


Images capturing on the Alcatel 7 are not so fine. Also, the camera application is very thin.


The shiny back cover obtain the attention of fingerprints and smudges. but, it scratches very simply.


Also, you can just purchase this on MetroPCS.

Design, hardware, what’s in the box

To begin with, the Alcatel 7 is set according to budget. Also, the back, sides, and tabs are all made with the plastic. Meanwhile, the top is from the Ashai-made glass. And, it is not an inexpensive-feeling device. So, there is no bend or scratching. After that, the plastic sets create the device instead of slightly, at only 6.17 oz or 0.4 pounds.

At the top of the Alcatel 7’s is the important charm thing.  That is a 6″ 2180×1080 LCD, along with an approximate ratio of 18:9. Also, I have not any objections to the display. Because the resolution is good, colors are also fine, and it is also bright. And, when you watch something on the social media on the Alcatel 7. At that time surely, you will not unhappy.

However, on the left side of the device, there is a microSD/SIM slot tray. So, the right side tab for switch on-off tab and volume tab. Now, come to the bottom there is a USB Type-C attachments. Also, that is a very few on sub-$200 devices. Hence, on the front, there is a headphone jack, with anything you cannot view on several devices.

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Software, performance, and battery life

Now, go within the hardware, the Alcatel 7 provides simple details for a sub-$200 phone. And, the MediaTek MT6736TA is an amazing procedure and very speedy. Also, it has a 2GB RAM that is sufficient for simple different works. Therefore, there is 32GB of the mobile itself space. Along with, holds for microSD slots approximately 128GB.

Besides through the screen, our important functionality of the Alcatel 7 is the huge 4,000mAh battery. Also, we daily sum up the day with a 50-70% rest of the battery. In case, the device had 60% left later 3.5 hours of the display at that moment. The Alcatel 7 will simply last many folks two days on only a charge.


However, the camera on the Alcatel 7 is average. But, outdoors such as the bright areas, the image resolution is equal to other devices if looks at the price range. Also, the comparison is not good. So, it is captious. If we talk about less bright areas thus, the quality is not good more than the other budget devices that we are trying. In short, if you are inside with no windows then, you will not capture a good image.

Whereas the other big issue with the Alcatel 7’s camera is the photo procedure. Each image has a similar watercolor result which is very important on OnePlus devices. Specifically the 5 and 5T devices. Also, it is specifically markable that on photos of grass, bushes, and other plants. Thus, the corners are dull as far as it looks such as a Van Gogh painting.

Should We Purchase It?

Most likely not. Because the 6-inch 2180×1080 LCD is the just standout functionality of the Alcatel 7. So, actually the just one logic someone should purchase it. And, the battery life is acceptable. But, similarly, it is good for any other budget device. Also, the camera and software are not something to write about the house.

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If We Buy Then?

If you actually need a huge display. Then, you will get it on MetroPCS. Also, you will not care about the shiny back.

If We Don’t Buy Then?

If you are not using on MetroPCS and you want your devices to not be wrapping in fingerprints.


Hopefully! The above-mentioned tricks can work for you or resolve the problems that you are facing while knowing about the Alcatel 7. To sum up, my only purpose is to overcome this issue and want to share some tricks with you that you can also take some benefit from it. Although, if you have any idea or feedback do share with us or if you have any queries related to our article Complete Review On Alcatel 7 With Reasonable Budget let us know in a comment section below.

Till then Peace Out!

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