iOS Emulators For Windows 10/8/7/vista PC

If you are an iPhone user but you have Windows PC and want to play Apple games on Windows this article is for you.  We all sometimes suffers of not being able to enjoy your favourite iPhone applications on our Windows PC. Now there is no need to worry about as today we will discuss few iBest iOS Emulators For Windows 10/8/7/vista PC which will help you to play your favourite iPhone games on your windows…Wow..! Arent you excited to know about all of them?? So lets start to know about Best iOS Emulators For Windows 10/8/7/vista PC.

iOS emulator for PC

An iOS emulator is computer software that allows users to use third force without installing support on their operating system. An iOS emulator creates a conducive environment and installs the iOS on your Windows PC to run both iPad and iPhone apps on it. iOS helps you to be able to run your favorite apps on your computer with ease. It is the most secure operating system that has offered facilities to operate on a wide range of apps. An emulator is used to solve the problem of running software or application of one operating system in another one with ease.

There are so many different kinds of iOS emulators are available for Windows 10 PCs out there. We have compiled a list of the best iOS emulators for PC so that you don’t need to spend your time trying all the emulators out there in the market. Go ahead and download any one of the iOS emulators. Feel free to try more than one and do let me know which one is your favorite one in the comments section.

iPadian Emulator

It is known for its popularity of providing an iPad or iPhones like experience on your Windows 10 pc or mac. IPadian only allows the user to run only the apps designed to especially for the ipadian emulator.

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ipadian ios emulator for pc

It provides the experience of an apple device by imitating the appearance and basic design features by simulating, and the emulator produces the features.

Advantages of iPadian iOS Emulator

  • It is secure as it allows only the running of applications exclusively designed for iPadian.

Download iPadian Emulator For PC

Appetize.io Emulator

It is a browser-based iPhone emulator for pcs. An emulator known to be a great solution that asks a user to upload an app on its website, and it is suitable for use. Used for streaming iOS simulators in the browser for testing, embedding, and other development processes.

Appetize.io allows users to monitor their streaming time and usage by setting alerts when you reach your set limit. In the list of iPhone X, Appetize.io is one of the best emulators offering developers a great platform to test and develop various apps effortlessly.

Pros of IO iOS Emulator

  • Ease of use offered by freemium services.
  • It offers easy access to downloading and running it on iOS.
  • It is lightweight; hence the user should not worry about memory space.

Download Appetize.iO Emulator for Windows 10

Appetize io emulator

Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator is a multi-platform mobile-environment emulator tailored for application development and testing. It works in the form of a chrome extension that enables you to look at how your application looks and functions on multiple platforms.

Ripple is focused on being used with platforms like WebWorks and PhoneGap. It is known for its popularity of testing cross-platform mobile and HTML applications without using a difficult process. It provides features like automated testing, JS Debugging, HTML DOM inspection to the developers.

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A ripple emulator has a rich set of control panels that enables one to interact with the application as if using a mobile device.

Advantages of Ripple Emulator

  1. rich set of control panels that enables one to interact with the application as if using a mobile device.
  2. It enables the testing of older as well as newer apps on chrome.
  3. Its a small size emulator with an impeccable extension app preventing you from the hesitations of running on one of the most impressive emulator platforms without downloading them on to your device.

Get Ripple iOS Emulator on PC

iOS Emulator in Xcode.

It is used in developing your applications directly on your pc rather than having to interact with an iPad or iPhone physically. To install an iOS Emulator in Xcode on your Windows 10pc, you need first to install XCode or update your out of date Xcode to avoid any challenges.


  • It is great for rapid development of applications.

Cons of iOS Emulator in XCode

  • The application of documentation is more detailed.

Download XCode iOS Emulator For PC

Remote IOS Simulator for Windows

Remote iOS simulator for windows is a developer-focused tool in iOS applications on your Windows 10 PC. It is automatically installed as part of Xamarin in Visual Studio 2019 and Visual Studio 2017. It contains a toolbar having buttons such as;

  • Home: simulates the home button.
  • Lock: locks the simulator.
  • Screenshot: saves a screenshot of the simulator.
  • Remote iOS simulator supports touch interactions; therefore, you can test your application with touch gestures such as pinch, swipe, and multi-finger touch that uses iOS devices.
  • It allows sound handling.

Remote iOS simulator for Windows download

Testflight Emulator

It is an emulator used by developers to beta test their iOS applications coded using Xamarin. Before the final review, Testflight Emulator allows the external beta testing of the application. It is known to be the best iOS emulator for pc free download that offers freedom of working within the best iOS apps on your windows.

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  • simple.
  • interactive.
  • user-friendly interface that enables you to work seamlessly on it.

Electric Mobile Studio

Electric Mobile Studio is an emulator used to test and run iOS apps on Windows computers. It is paid but also offers a full product trial of 7 days.


  • Full-fledged emulation of iPhone
  • iPhone responsive apps

Electric Mobile Studio can use the same product for two different machines for similar work products, for two different machines, and similar work setup at the office and home. Due to the integration of WebKit and chrome debugging tools Windows 10 is preferred.

You can also try other iOS emulators on PC like,

  • iOS SDK
  • Smartface
  • Xamarin
  • Adobe AIR

These are the Best iOS Emulators For Windows 10/8/7/vista PC . These are reliable to use, simple and interactive with their users.

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